Do you know what a vegan wine is?

Vamos descubriendo este término que va siendo más frecuente en los lineales alimentación y los menús de los restaurantes; no solo para los vinos sino en general para muchos productos de alimentación.

Muchas son las personas que siguen una alimentación vegana y no pueden consumir vinos tradicionales. Para resolver esta cuestión, ya están disponibles muchos vinos veganos.

La definición exacta en lo que al vino se refiere,  es todo aquel que ha sido elaborado con uvas y clarificado con elementos de origen vegetal o mineral. Y eso nos lleva a explicar un nuevo concepto: el clarificado, y ¿qué es?,

Dentro del proceso de elaboración del vino  y antes de que se embotelle pasa por una fase  de clarificación.

Esta fase es importante, ya que permite limpiar el vino. Gracias a ello se eliminan todas las impurezas y el vino a la vista resulta limpio, con colores atractivos y generalmente brillante. Para clarificar, algunas fabricas utilizan elementos de origen animal. Originalmente y desde hace mucho tiempo el clarificado se realizaba con clara de huevo, de ahí su nombre. Como alternativas a la clara y con el paso del tiempo se fue modernizando y los ingredientes que se usan actualmente en los vinos tradicionales son la gelatina, caseína, o cola de pescado, entre otros. En estos casos, los vinos no son aptos para veganos ni para vegetarianos. Por el contrario, si para la clarificación, se emplean otras sustancias como los guisantes, la patata o el trigo,  el vino puede denominarse y certificase como vegano . Es sorprendente conocer que el clarificante más habitual en los vinos veganos es la bentonita, es de origen mineral y curioso saber que se trata de polvo de arcilla.

Otro ingrediente ”más peculiar” y  cada día más popular entre los enólogos, es emplear una sustancia que se extrae de las algas marinas, llamada carragenano.

Para reconocer un vino vegano, la forma más sencilla identificar en las etiquetas de los vinos la certificación de vino vegano como la que os mostramos en la imagen. Los sellos más comunes los otorgan la Vegan Society y la Unión Vegetariana Europea (Certificación V-Label). Desde Pagos del Rey – Rueda el proceso de convertir los vinos en veganos se inició el año pasado coincidiendo con el lanzamiento de Blume Ecológico. Hoy en día se incorpora a esta tendencia la gama completa, Blume Verdejo Selección, Blume Verdejo – Viura y Blume Sauvignon Blanc. 

Essential summer trends


(For this different summer)

Find out how to stay on top of the trends this summer. These are the trends you mustn’t miss to remain up-to-date with décor, fashion, and beauty care…    

For you

Buckle sandals, whether flat or with a “flatform” sole. Comfortable, modern, all-terrain sandals that never go out of style. Suitable for the city, countryside or the beach. If you want to stay on top of the 2020 trends, you can choose between studded sandals, a chicer option with Swarosvki crystals or choose a synthetic fibre in line with the eco-vegan trend. 

For your hair

Hair serum is the perfect ally to protect your hair from the sun. It moisturises and revives your hair, adding shine to it and natural softness. This type of product completes your hair care routine by repairing split ends, helping with de-tangling and preventing hair loss.  Can be applied to wet or dry hair – this is a MUST for your toiletry bag this summer.  

For your home 

Natural fibres such as rattan, jute, esparto or wicker are a breath of fresh air in our homes in summer. In the form of a sofa, lamps, chairs, rugs… these eco-friendly  materials make their way into your home to bring a fresh/cool touch. 

For your garden or terrace 

2020 has been the year we have reconquered our homes. The fact that we’ve spent so much time at home has made us analyse, assess and correct those elements that we least liked to make it more comfortable and functional. Terraces, gardens and balconies have become our “breath of fresh air” and we all want to feel comfortable in them. Tropical plants add colour to our rooms, vines conceal any imperfections and allow for many options and hanging plants, like pothos, adapt to all kinds of temperatures, and require little care.  

For your table

Ethnic food conquers all tables in summer. Forget about slow-cooked dishes made with exotic products that are difficult to find. Seasonal cuisine is in trend with African recipes such as Okra Stew, a rich and very healthy vegetable stew or the reinterpretation of Asian cuisine in Latin America including the nikkei ceviche made with corvina or the seabass tiradito. We encourage you to accompany these fusion dishes with D.O. Rueda white wines. Young, fresh wines that everyone wants to drink in summer. A true delight for their fruity aromas and floral notes.

The colour of summer: pale yellow

amarillo pálido

Yellow has suffered a bad reputation for being linked to bad luck. In Spain, it has always been a well-known superstition, although its origin, from the world of theatre or bullfighting, has never been very clear.

Fortunately, this superstition has been left behind and yellow has been declared the colour of happiness. Or did you think it was a coincidence that the happiest day of the year is known as the yellow day?

Already last summer, the Mango Mojito or Mustard Yellow pantone was the fashionable colour and this year the yellow trend is back to stay. The selected shade has been pale or pastel yellow, and major brands such as Gucci, Loewe or Hermès have chosen it as a favourite in all of their 2020 summer collections.

Dare to combine it with neon green or turquoise, although if you prefer a more classic style, the “total look” is the ideal look to dazzle with the day’s last sun rays.

But the most optimistic tone cannot only be enjoyed in fashion, our  Blume Verdejo Viura wine is a brilliant pale yellow with green hues, which is ideal for drinking cold in summer and setting trends of course 😉

The wineglass, a whole world to be discovered…

copa de vino blanco

To start off on the right foot, a good wineglass is one that allows you to fully enjoy the full identity of the wine, and each person demands different things and, first and foremost, a good wineglass is one that enables you, above all, … ENJOYMENT… in moderation, of course.

If we want to increase the level of sophistication, any good wineglass should allow us to progress through the entire tasting phase: first, a translucent and clean wineglass that enables us to appreciate the layer of wine, its brightness and colour. In the case of sparkling wines, the persistence of the bubbles; for vintage wines, the tears they leave inside the glass; for sherry and oloroso wines, the texture and density of the wine…

Second, the structure and shape of the glass that allows the primary and secondary aromas to be appreciated on the nose, with a stem that is easy to handle so that the glass can be held without affecting the temperature of the wine.

Third, the thickness of the glass. We should search for a glass that is soft and pleasant to the touch when we bring it close to our lips, a glass that helps us to sip slowly, while tasting and enjoying…

Below we have listed some that are very well adapted to the varieties of each wine:

We’ll start with the classic Bourdeaux wineglass, with a long neck, that enables the concentration of aromas and the glass to be shaken well. The Burgundy wineglass is a larger glass with an ample bowl and wide neck that enables better oxygenation of the wine, allowing it to breathe more. The Cabernet Sauvignon wineglass, with a longer, smaller bowl and a more closed neck, is used for light wines. The Flute Glass is typically used for sparkling wines. These are narrow glasses that enable greater visibility of the bubbles. And finally, the Sherry glass, small, with an elongated and shorter bowl, just like the stem…As you can see, there’s an entire world behind each sip and each type of wine. Cheers!

The best places to enjoy this summer in the company of your friends and a glass of good wine

quedadas con amigas

With the arrival of summer and following the lockdown period, the desire to be outdoors has increased. One of the best plans to forget about our daily routine is to get together with friends, but we must admit that if this plan also includes good wine, the meet-up will turn into an afternoon/evening of confessions, gossip and lots of fun.

Here are some ideas of places to enjoy this plan even more during the summer months:

  1. Grab your wicker basket or backpack for a fun picnic in the countryside!
    A cheese board and a good white wine are mandatory for this! We recommend that you serve the cheese with quince jelly and walnuts, and you’ll enjoy these flavours so much more if paired with a fruity light wine such as our Blume Sauvignon Blanc. For the wine to be perfect, it needs to be at the right temperature, so take a portable cooler box packed with plenty of ice.
  2. To the beach to enjoy the sunset!
    Summer evenings bring the most beautiful sunsets of the year. The beach is the perfect setting for fun time with friends while enjoying the beautiful views. And what better way to do this than with a selection of delicious summer fruits, such as watermelon, mango or pineapple, which will pair perfectly with a Verdejo wine with tropical aromas, Blume Verdejo Viura is the perfect companion for this snack while watching the sunset.

Make the most of your terrace or garden! If during lockdown you’ve taken the opportunity to redecorate and get the most out of your terrace or garden, now is the perfect time to have a dinner party with friends and show off the most stylish corner of your house. And also, who can resist a BBQ? If you are a long way away from the coast, what better option than to grill some fish and seafood that are so appetising this time of year! Salmon, turbot, shrimp and king prawns are perfect for a BBQ. And obviously, wine is a MUST, if you want to be the best host, go for a Blume Verdejo Selección.

3 tourist destinations to enjoy the summer in Spain


You don’t need to travel thousands of kilometres to discover great places. This is the summer to explore our surrounding areas, those regions that are not so far way that offer unforgettable experiences.

Here we are proposing three destinations to enjoy the summer in Spain.

Sustainable tourism among dunes

Eco-tourism or slow travel allow you to enjoy the environment in a calmer and more aware manner.  One of the favourite places of eco-tourists is the Ebro Delta Natural Park. Its landscape has it all: surprising lagoons, secluded beaches, infinite dunes with paths packed with fruit trees amidst rice fields and ponds. Its ornithological wealth stands out, as it boasts more than 400 species of birds. A pleasure to enjoy while cycling along its multiple routes.  

Not forgetting an aspect as important as cuisine, in the Deltebre area you can enjoy fresh products that are locally sourced. Delta del Ebro rice is a product with Protected Designation of Origin and in this area of sea and orchards, flavours come together in dishes worth tasting, for example, seafood rice dishes, salted fish and vegetable dishes that are worthy of a glass of Blume Verdejo Selección D.O. Rueda white wine, characterised by its elegant citrus aromas such as tangerines and oranges and white flowers combined with subtle notes of dill and hay at the end.

On safari in Extremadura

They call it the Iberian Serengeti because it is home to more than 400 species of birds and mammals. A spectacular landscape within Monfragüe Natural Park  in which to enjoy yourself in a 4×4 vehicle accompanied by expert guides who will show you the most impressive places to go on a photo Safari tour without having to leave Spain and save it forever in your memory.  

Its cuisine includes some of the best typical products of Extremadura: cured sausages, cheeses, honey, oil… which are ideal ingredients to enjoy with traditional and seasonal cuisine, and perfect for sharing a glass of the aromatic Blume Sauvignon Blanc D.O. Rueda wine with its intense aromas of peach, mango and papaya alongside notes of grass and hay.   

Adventure sports among the Bárdenas Reales

Visiting the Bárdenas Reales badlands is like travelling to a film in the American Far West. It’s not so different from the Arizona desert, nor from the landscapes of North Africa. This area of Navarra is home to a semi-desert landscape of deep ravines and endless hills, one after the other, forged by winds for centuries.  

The park can be visited by Segway, on horseback, on a bicycle, by 4×4, or on foot. The sunsets in this area are enviable and you can make the most of this if you decide to take a picnic which must, of course, include a bottle of Blume Verdejo Viura white wine. A fresh and aromatic D.O. Rueda wine that will enable you to blend in with nature thanks to its tropical fruits with subtle notes of citrus, flowers and apples.

Must-have gadgets in your suitcase this summer

gadgets verano playa bicicleta

Travel gadgets take up little room and are really practical during the holidays. They may be your best travel companions in summer and end up proving essential to enjoy that free time on your days off.   

A classic: Universal portable chargers

They are a must. Entertainment on the beach or pool lounger is to be found on your mobile phone: looking up celebrity gossip, listening to music, solving crossword puzzles, entertaining yourself with mini-games, exchanging WhatsApp messages with friends and talking with family… you can do everything with your mobile phone, although phone batteries have evolved a lot, few can survive a full day’s use. With an universal portable charger, your hours of fun are guaranteed.

Put on your headphones and get away from it all!

Get away from the world with music, practice sports or talk to your best friends without having to hold your mobile phone to your ear. They’re small, don’t take up any room and are very practical. And even better if they’re wireless, because aside from being on trend, no-one likes to waste time untangling cables. In addition, the autonomy of these devices is increasing and you won’t have to worry about wasting time charging them, as they do it by themselves while they’re stored in their box.  

Monitor your fun

Keep the momentum going during the holidays and wear a smartwatch that lets you know how you’re improving each day. Waterproof, with GPS, capable of detecting how your heart speeds up when you get excited or letting you know that you have ‘likes’ on your social networks. Entertainment on your wrist and it also records all your activity on your mobile and vice versa. Smartwatches are here to stay to be your loyal companion. We recommend that you avoid sunbathing while wearing it to prevent strap marks. 🙂

Liven up the party with your speaker!

The person with the portable speaker is the life of the party! There are models for everyone but compact models are the best to enjoy music wherever you are. They fit in any bag, because their size is independent of their power and the battery will last for hours and hours.

And while you’re enjoying your favourite music, what better than to organise a pre-lunch drink on the terrace?  For this moment, we recommend a Blume Verdejo D.O. Rueda white wine with citrus fruit aromas including tangerines and oranges and white flowers combined with subtle notes of dill and hay at the end. Ideal for drinking cold on the terrace by the pool, accompanied by fish and salad.