Do you know what a vegan wine is?

More and more people are opting for a vegan diet and cannot consume traditional wines. To resolve this issue, many vegan wines are already available.

The exact definition as far as wine is concerned, is that which has been made with grapes and fined with elements of vegetable or mineral origin. And that leads us to explain a new concept: the fining, what is it?

Within the winemaking process and before it is bottled, it goes through a filtering phase called fining.

This phase is important, since it allows the wine to be clarified. All impurities are eliminated and the wine at sight is clean, with attractive colours and generally bright. To clarify the wine, some factories use elements of animal origin. Originally and for a long time, the fining was done with albumen or egg white. With the passage of time modern alternatives were developed and the ingredients that are currently most commonly used in traditional wines are gelatin (from animals), casein (a milk protein), or isinglass (from fish). In these cases, the wines are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. On the other hand, if other substances such as vegetable protein from peas, potatoes or wheat are used for fining, the wine can be designated and certified as vegan. It is surprising to know that the most common fining agent in vegan wines is bentonite, a type of clay powder of mineral origin.
Another more “unusual” ingredient, and increasingly popular among winemakers, is to use a substance extracted from seaweed, called carrageenan.

To recognize a vegan wine, the easiest way is to identify the vegan wine certification on the wine labels, like the one shown in the image. The most common labels are awarded by the Vegan Society and the European Vegetarian Union (V-Label Certification). From Pagos del Rey – Rueda, the process of converting wines to vegan began last year, coinciding with the launch of Blume Ecológico. Today the complete range, Blume Verdejo Selección, Blume Verdejo – Viura and Blume Sauvignon Blanc, is incorporated into this trend.