Must-have gadgets in your suitcase this summer

gadgets verano playa bicicleta

Travel gadgets take up little room and are really practical during the holidays. They may be your best travel companions in summer and end up proving essential to enjoy that free time on your days off.   

A classic: Universal portable chargers

They are a must. Entertainment on the beach or pool lounger is to be found on your mobile phone: looking up celebrity gossip, listening to music, solving crossword puzzles, entertaining yourself with mini-games, exchanging WhatsApp messages with friends and talking with family… you can do everything with your mobile phone, although phone batteries have evolved a lot, few can survive a full day’s use. With an universal portable charger, your hours of fun are guaranteed.

Put on your headphones and get away from it all!

Get away from the world with music, practice sports or talk to your best friends without having to hold your mobile phone to your ear. They’re small, don’t take up any room and are very practical. And even better if they’re wireless, because aside from being on trend, no-one likes to waste time untangling cables. In addition, the autonomy of these devices is increasing and you won’t have to worry about wasting time charging them, as they do it by themselves while they’re stored in their box.  

Monitor your fun

Keep the momentum going during the holidays and wear a smartwatch that lets you know how you’re improving each day. Waterproof, with GPS, capable of detecting how your heart speeds up when you get excited or letting you know that you have ‘likes’ on your social networks. Entertainment on your wrist and it also records all your activity on your mobile and vice versa. Smartwatches are here to stay to be your loyal companion. We recommend that you avoid sunbathing while wearing it to prevent strap marks. 🙂

Liven up the party with your speaker!

The person with the portable speaker is the life of the party! There are models for everyone but compact models are the best to enjoy music wherever you are. They fit in any bag, because their size is independent of their power and the battery will last for hours and hours.

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