The colour of summer: pale yellow

amarillo pálido

Yellow has suffered a bad reputation for being linked to bad luck. In Spain, it has always been a well-known superstition, although its origin, from the world of theatre or bullfighting, has never been very clear.

Fortunately, this superstition has been left behind and yellow has been declared the colour of happiness. Or did you think it was a coincidence that the happiest day of the year is known as the yellow day?

Already last summer, the Mango Mojito or Mustard Yellow pantone was the fashionable colour and this year the yellow trend is back to stay. The selected shade has been pale or pastel yellow, and major brands such as Gucci, Loewe or Hermès have chosen it as a favourite in all of their 2020 summer collections.

Dare to combine it with neon green or turquoise, although if you prefer a more classic style, the “total look” is the ideal look to dazzle with the day’s last sun rays.

But the most optimistic tone cannot only be enjoyed in fashion, our  Blume Verdejo Viura wine is a brilliant pale yellow with green hues, which is ideal for drinking cold in summer and setting trends of course 😉