Pagos de Rey is the materialisation of a dream to expand the production of quality wines to include other Designations of Origin. It was back in 2005, with the integration of the Bodega Castillo Mudéjar, that the Blume brand began its journey to become today one of the most prestigious and recognised brands in D.O. Rueda.

From a technical viewpoint, the winery is equipped with the latest technology, including a large bottling plant and controlled temperature warehouse that are essential for the production of white wines. The harvesting of the grapes is carried out at night, in 900 controlled hectares that supply three grape varieties: Verdejo, Viura and Sauvignon Blanc.

The winery continues to evolve with projects to improve its surrounding areas, the environment and sustainability, most notably:

· New plan for Renewable Energy.
· Implementation of new technologies and improvements to reduce energy and water consumption.
· Reduced container weight which optimises logistics and transport, thus reducing the carbon footprint.
· Cardboard boxes with 100% recycled paper.

bodega pagos del rey Rueda
viñedos Rueda verdejo
uva blanca do rueda verdejo