The best places to enjoy this summer in the company of your friends and a glass of good wine

quedadas con amigas

With the arrival of summer and following the lockdown period, the desire to be outdoors has increased. One of the best plans to forget about our daily routine is to get together with friends, but we must admit that if this plan also includes good wine, the meet-up will turn into an afternoon/evening of confessions, gossip and lots of fun.

Here are some ideas of places to enjoy this plan even more during the summer months:

  1. Grab your wicker basket or backpack for a fun picnic in the countryside!
    A cheese board and a good white wine are mandatory for this! We recommend that you serve the cheese with quince jelly and walnuts, and you’ll enjoy these flavours so much more if paired with a fruity light wine such as our Blume Sauvignon Blanc. For the wine to be perfect, it needs to be at the right temperature, so take a portable cooler box packed with plenty of ice.
  2. To the beach to enjoy the sunset!
    Summer evenings bring the most beautiful sunsets of the year. The beach is the perfect setting for fun time with friends while enjoying the beautiful views. And what better way to do this than with a selection of delicious summer fruits, such as watermelon, mango or pineapple, which will pair perfectly with a Verdejo wine with tropical aromas, Blume Verdejo Viura is the perfect companion for this snack while watching the sunset.

Make the most of your terrace or garden! If during lockdown you’ve taken the opportunity to redecorate and get the most out of your terrace or garden, now is the perfect time to have a dinner party with friends and show off the most stylish corner of your house. And also, who can resist a BBQ? If you are a long way away from the coast, what better option than to grill some fish and seafood that are so appetising this time of year! Salmon, turbot, shrimp and king prawns are perfect for a BBQ. And obviously, wine is a MUST, if you want to be the best host, go for a Blume Verdejo Selección.