Chopsticks, sushi and Blume


Sushi is one of Japan’s typical foods and has been well established both in international cuisine and in Spain for many years. From top restaurants to franchise restaurant chains that have “democratised” Japanese cuisine, these dishes have become more accessible to everyone and especially younger crowds who are always more adventurous and experimental when it comes to food.

As you all already know, sushi is prepared in small bite-sized portions, and depending on its shape and the presentation of ingredients, it receives a different name: the terms “maki”, “sashimi” and “nigiri” are already fully implanted in our minds.

The different ingredients used in sushi, raw fish, nori seaweed, soy sauce and spicy wasabi, make this dish a very attractive/different option, but pairing it with wine can prove a bit difficult.

Our advice/suggestion is to select wines with a light and aromatic profile on the palate, so that they don’t compete with the intense flavours of the food, while also complementing all the aromas, in the search for that optimal balance, and the BLUME range is a fantastic option for this.

This wine profile is the natural territory of white wines, but not all of them fit the bill, and therefore, we need to point out three key characteristics: the wine must be fresh, fruity and also aromatic.

We would like to highlight our winery’s two favourite grapes: one, the Verdejo grape with BLUME SELECCION, a perfect match thanks to its fresh and balanced character with good acidity and an accentuated bitter tone with fruity green notes. Two, BLUME SAUVIGNON BLANC, for its nose, always reminiscent of citrus, and for its low acidity, which combines perfectly on the palate with subtler flavours.

Now, as always, let’s enjoy! Happy Pairing!

By the way, let’s not forget the chopsticks and how they are used – this always provides for “amusing” moments depending on the skill of the diners. We’ll leave that for another post…